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If you have any additional questions, plese do not hesitate to Contact Us or call us at 800.983.4880

What file types can I provide?

It is recommended to save your files in .PDF format. We also accept .jpg, .tif, .ai and .eps.
Please make sure to send .PDF and .EPS files with outlined fonts.

What color mode should my files be?

All files should be in CMYK color mode. If your artwork is in RGB, there may be a color shift in printing.

What resolution should files be submitted in?

All files should be a minimum of 300 DPI. Any file with a lower DPI may be blurry when printed.

How should I set up my bleed?

Please include a bleed of .125 on all your artwork. Keep all text at least .125 from the cut line.
All background images must extend to the bleed area. To ensure that the bleed is correct,
please use our Templates to create your design.

Can I include the front and back artwork in the same file?

No. We only accept separate files for printing. Please do not include both sides in a single document.

How can I be sure that the blue will not be purple in my artwork?

Please leave at least a 30% difference between the Cyan and Magenta values.
Use a low value for Magenta so that the blue does not come out purple.

How can I get a rich black color on my artwork?

Rich black is darker than what is printed using 100% black. It is deeper, darker and more appealing
to the eye. To get Rich Black, use Cyan 60, Magenta 40, Yellow 40, Black 100.

What shipping method does PrintingQ use?

We ship our packages using FedEx or USPS.

Is there a shipping price list?

All prices are real time. You can get the shipping price during checkout.

Can I use my own account to ship my products?

In some cases, we can use your account to ship your products.